Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom

Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom


Bathrooms are considered one of the most critical areas in any home. A fully equipped bathroom is a necessity for comfortable living. When it comes to choosing which features are most important, how do you select from seemingly endless choices? Bathrooms today can have all the bells and whistles. However, some ideas are fun to have, while others are practical. Here is a list of affordable luxuries you can consider for your next bathroom renovation.

Heated tile floors 

Ceramic bathroom tiles are a favourite among homeowners. It is a classic material that never goes out of style. Add to that the relative affordability of ceramic compared with other bathroom flooring materials. Unfortunately, ceramic tends to be cold on your feet especially when winter starts to set it. The solution to cold tile floors is installing thin radiant mats. These go directly underneath the tile flooring without requiring you to raise the floor level. These radiant mats use up as much electricity as two 100-watt incandescent light bulbs and are more efficient than air heating.

Walk-in showers 

A staple in many bathrooms, showers are convenient and perfect for persons of any age. There are various options for walk-in showers fit for every price point. You can install a pre-fabricated shower pod complete with added features such as steam, jets, and piped music. If you want a more sleek and stylish design, you can retrofit your bathroom with an edgeless walk-in shower that seamlessly transitions to the central bathroom area.

Quartz as an alternative to natural stone  

Natural stone like granite is often one of the most expensive materials used in bathrooms. However, you don’t have to use natural stone if you want to get the same look in your bathroom. Instead of natural stone, use quartz instead. It is a composite synthetic material consisting of around 90% quartz particles fixed with a binding element. Another great feature of quartz is its ability to mimic the look of natural stone while retaining the same quality such as durability. Quartz is also easy to maintain and resistant to abrasions and stains.

Motion activated taps 

Wasting water is very common in bathrooms where people leave taps running while brushing their teeth. You can prevent water wastage by installing motion-activated taps. Many motion-activated taps also fit perfectly with modern-style bathrooms featuring sleek and minimalist designs.

Dual flush toilets 

Another fixture that helps with water conservation are dual flush toilets. High-efficiency models are capable of flushing both solid and liquid wastes with less water. That is crucial since water supplies in many parts of the world are already dwindling. If you want a stylish toilet that also helps save water, choose a dual-flush model.

Exhaust fan to control humidity 

Every bathroom needs an exhaust or a window to get rid of moisture. However, opening a window in winter is not an option. You can get an automated exhaust fan instead. It features an on and off switch that automatically turns on when the humidity is high and turns off when humidity levels are normal.